a homemade envelope made from a piece of paper...used to hold Cocaine.
Roger dropped his fold and everyone saw, now he won't admit it is his.
by caslo September 21, 2005
to fall down
I tried an ollie up a ledge. I caught my back trucks on the edge and folded.
by Pseudonym???? February 24, 2009
Old bills
Man, i wanted Krizp, not these ragidy ass folds!
by D-Mak September 29, 2003
A bunch of ignorant italians that argue about the dumbest shit on the planet
Dont be a bunch of Folds
by Falcoon January 30, 2014
Fucking Old
My back is killing me, I'm so fold!
by FatKitCat April 04, 2011
To go to sleep.
"Damn, I was so tired I just had to fold."
by AL9000 January 24, 2009
fucking cold
It´s fold outside, eh?
by reueaglla December 25, 2009

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