Nstead of that YOLO bullshit
1: Hey man, what are you doing? YOLO!
2: Fuck that YOLO shit, FLY!!
FLY for life.

Before taking a shot, say "FLY"
by ...e.j.f... April 29, 2012
A word which generally means Eff'in Lies. Relating to when somone says an un-real statement or lie.
Joe-Blow: I did a tripple back flip yesterday.
Cosbie: Stop those flies.
Joe-Blow: WHAT?! I R NUT LIE
by Bick-a-chi November 09, 2007
n. Two or more pant zippers.

Plural form of "fly"
Asian girl said, "Hey, let's have clothes-on sex!"
Digitus replied, "Alright!"
They unzipped their flies, Digitus' joystick slowly entered the Asian girl's pussy and started having stand-up sex.
Digitus said, "You're tight!"
The Asian girl moaned, "And you're doing me good!"
As they had raging sex, they heard someone coming towards them.
Digitus said, "Shit! Someone's coming!"
The Asian girl replied, "Thank god for flies!"
They zipped up their flies as the janitor came in. He said, "Why are you sweaty?"
The Asian girl replied, "It's the crappy air-conditioners."
The janitor said, "Yeah, I've gotta go something about that.."
The Asian girl and Digitus left the room.
Digitus whispered to the Asian girl, "Thank god for flies indeed."
The Asian girl laughed as they ran away.
by Digitus August 13, 2005
skipping class/school
you wanna' fly
by bao June 08, 2003
Fly - Cool, Awesome, Hot.
1# You got me lifted shifted higher than a ceiling
And ooh wee it's the ultimate feeling
You got me lifted feeling so gifted
Sugar how you get so fly?
Suga suga how you get so fly?
Suga suga how you get so fly?

2# I'm hot cause I'm fly (fly)
You ain't cause you're not (Mims)
This is why
This is why I'm hot
by didorins February 19, 2009
1) Cool or trendy
2) The zipper on jeans on the crotch
3) A small bug
4) To move through the air without touching ground for some time
1) That guy has fly clothes!
2) Your fly is open!
3) This little fly will get squashed
4) Birds can fly naturally. Humans need plains
by Sheck February 26, 2005
Not cool. What you say when your warning someone not to do something stupid.
Dont mess with my homegirl because that dont fly with me.

Dont do that, it aint fly.
by Rhissa July 20, 2007
something or someone that is particularly attractive.
That girl is fly in her thong and boots.
by Jovan King February 18, 2003
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