A word used to describe something that looks extra nice or good. Mostly used when talking about clothing and accessories.
I am going to buy this jacket, it is so fly!
by Nostrand March 01, 2009
A simple definition of kool.
wag1 g. your sneaks keep fly.
by daveemaahn June 14, 2008
cool ; awesome ; sweet
Dude, yo kicks are fly.


you a fly guy.
by flawlessbby978 January 17, 2008
sexy, wild, topper, one of a kind, looks beaucoup good
ooooh, ol gul is fly as a mo' fucka up in dere.
ya bag is fly, shawty
by Keyshanti November 30, 2007
"happenin" or "hip"... the thing to be doing at that time.
Man, that jazz concert last night was fly!
by JaZz FrEaK January 05, 2004
Stylish, cool.
Brandon looked fly as hell today!

Ooh...look at that fly ass car over there!
by Dcum May 20, 2009
1. clever, alert

2. to succeed

3. to run of travel fast

4. the opening at the top of one's pants
To think he was fly yet he and failed to fly. It's ironic.
by The Return of Light Joker May 20, 2008

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