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When you draw letters with your tongue while making out with someone or eating a girl out.
Suddenly I realized, Oh my God, he's using the alphabet trick on me! That's when I slapped his ass and yelled, THAT'S RIGHT, SPELL MY NAME, BITCH!
by purplefeltangel March 05, 2006
A phrase used to ridicule someone's stupidity, "big white mint" refers to a urinal cake. Thus "don't eat the big white mint" implies that someone is stupid enough to mistake the urinal cake for a mint and eat it.
I was on a date with this really dumbass guy, and he said he had to go to the bathroom. I said, OK, don't eat the big white mint.
by purplefeltangel July 03, 2006
A variety of trumpet. Also undeniably the funniest word in existence.
Lemme play some of that flugelhorn!
by purplefeltangel December 07, 2005
Someone who advocates suicide or abortion as a means of population control. Also apparently someone who doesn't know the difference between who and whom, as exemplified in the definition by Skin Twig.
She's pro-death, but she hasn't killed herself yet because she has a mission to convince as many people as possible to off themselves before she dies, that way her life won't have been a waste.
by purplefeltangel July 17, 2006
Either a term for a white person as used by a black person, or someone from Hong Kong.

Personally as a white girl I would not be offended if someone called me a honky, because it's way too funny-sounding to be offensive.
One of my little brother's random black friends: You stupid honky bitch!

Me: Lol
by purplefeltangel March 10, 2006
In addition to an extremely racist term to describe someone who attempts to integrate into American culture despite not speaking the language and is looked down on by society for being different, it also means a keychain or lanyard.
Check out my cute new Hello Kitty fob! My friend Art sent it to me from JAPAN, yo.
by purplefeltangel March 10, 2006
A dull and repetitive anime. One of the biggest targets in anime fandom for "YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE ORIGINAL JAPANESE SO YOU KNOW NOTHING!" This is not true. The original Japanese version is just as bad or worse as this show, and the manga and live-action versions are no better. Stick with Cowboy Bebop, or better yet, get over your anime craze altogether, you demented furry.
Boy, Sailor Moon is hot.

I wanna fuck Sailor Moon up her tight little ass!

God, Sailor Moon's TV show sucks. Imma watch me some Sailor Moon hentai.
by purplefeltangel December 07, 2005

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