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A very compassionate, intense, and often very hot, and well endowed girl. Shes likes to have fun and go wild, but she can be serious and mature when the time calls. Krysta is also very smart and usually gets what she wants. Usually all men want her but she never wants any of them. She holds a lot of surprises. basically a nice and popular person. You will either love this girl or be her best friend.
example one:

Shane: "Who are you asking to the prom?"

kale: "Krysta, shes perfect!"

shane "I already asked her dude sorry."

example two:

alex: "who are you inviting to the party tonight?"

aiden: "well deffinatly krysta, shes a party animal."
by Mikealot August 14, 2008
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a girl who is Darlinaa approved
Krysta isnt creepy
by DisturbedDarlinaa July 27, 2011
A girl who is a punk badass. She will speak her mind and is really cool once you get to know her. She is awesome,scary, and sometimes a stalker.
Look at Krystal dude
Yeah dude she's a badass.
by Puppypunkawesome girl February 18, 2015
Slang term for special k
Hey man, Im checking if Krysta is in town.
by Ali February 24, 2005
A girl whos determined to get what she wants, but in the worst ways. She may stalk you or talk to you persistantly and never stop emailing you. Dont get too involved because she gets very easily attached and NEVER goes away.
Person 1: Oh God, there goes Krysta.

Person 2: I hope she didn't see me; i dont wanna get stalked!
by ScoobyDoobyDooINeedSomeHelp May 03, 2010

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