Love between friends. Friend + Love = Flove
I flove you =)
by The Flove Guru January 03, 2011
friend love; brotherly love.
Dude 1- "Man, that game was beast!"
Dude 2- "I flove you!"
Dude 1- "Eww, no I'm not gay!"
Dude 2- "No, I don't love you, I flove you."
by clarksvillekid14 December 03, 2010
The feeling of love. The butterflies you get in your stomach when you're around that special person. Not full on love that requires actions, just the feeling of it. In other words, flove is fake love.
I don't love you yet Jimmy, I just flove you.
by floverlover September 09, 2010
The act of love being shared between two people with the the 'F' sound at the start of there names.
Phoebe:I love you
Francesca: No, I Flove you!
by Ifloveyouphoebe October 25, 2010
Farting while doing it.

After eating copious amounts of cabbage and beans or mexican food, you are unable to thrust without farting.
Last night I had really bad gas before going to bed. The wife wanted to do it, so we ended up making flove.
by pizzleboy July 10, 2010
super-love, a state of being immensely in love.
he floves facebook
by why can i get a name? February 28, 2010
To love someone as a friend; the highest amount of affection you can show someone you're not going out with.
Girl: I love you (as a friend)
Guy: You could have just said I flove you lol
by GGreenBass July 26, 2009
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