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A Wonderful best friend.

Usually characterized by being sensitive and caring, and not ashamed of it. Brets are normally good listeners, very trusting, quick to forgiveness, and have strong morals. Brets are hilarious, and one someone can talk to and laugh with for hours on end. Brets are hardworking, love music, and fun to be around. Anyone who knows a Bret is blessed for life.
"Wow, what a super, amazing guy. He must be a Bret."
#bret #brett #awesome #funny #caring
by Startrekka February 03, 2010
The most sexiest guy in the whole entire world and the bestest boyfriend in the whole universe!!
Ima so lucky to be going out with Bret!!
by Nikki xXx January 17, 2005
Noun, proper. "Bee-Ret"- A choad, a stalker. One who is sexually deprived and not quite down enough to obtain the infamous "B-Rad" status.
-Likes to have sex with retarded women and Neanderthals.
Oh damn B-ret why you huffin on dat gasoline?!

Man,don't pull a fuckin B-ret!
#choad #taint #pedophile #cradle robber #bastard
by T-Monzeys February 26, 2008
A person who goes on speaking tours on subjects they aren't actually experts in.
"I really loved her presentation on Arachnids in New Guinea last year, but since she's gotten into dark ecology she's become a bit of a Bret"
#bert #jerk #uninformed #talking #informed
by Critically September 30, 2014
Shit Dribbler.
Bret: Yeah I fucked her bro, she was a good root.
Person: You're such a Bret, I don't believe you.
Bret: I swear to God.

Person 1: Can you smell something?
Person 2: Oh there's just a Bret talking over there.
Person 1: Fuck, it stinks like shit.
#shit talker #bull shitter #shit spitter #shit #no friends
by dontdribbleshit May 25, 2012
obsessed with whatshisname.
"Bret, dude, your fucking nuts. Quit talking about that guy and get a fucking life will you dickhead"
#obsessed #love #wait for it #oh my #fucking god
by youdon'tknowme! November 25, 2011
Annoying dumbass that never shuts up that thinks hes funny.
That kid seems like a bret
#stupid #loquacious #dumb #unintelligent #homosexual
by BigMike1212 April 14, 2010
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