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A party where you just sit around and fart.
Guy 1: Farty at your house today.
Guy 2: Same.
by DucNukem January 15, 2008
Bad smelling - usually in England.
That pub smells farty with all the crowd in there.
by Kevin_GroveLine September 28, 2005
A party in which there is a fire going on, typically outside. Think of it as a house party w/ a bonfire going on outside in the yard.
"C'mon over dude, were having a farty over at Tony's crib!"
by Tone-E June 18, 2011
When an instrument in a song has too much distortion or is in bad quality.

ie. like a fart.
Person 1: Have you heard that song "Sail?"
Person 2: Yeah, that song's pretty good except for the farty bass that comes in every few seconds.
by pattyville September 10, 2013
1. Gassy.
2. Smelly.
3. Low-class.
4. Unworthy.
You are a farty little man, Marty.
by Benjamin Peabody April 14, 2007
A virtual party that takes place on Facebook when an actual party is not possible due to geographic and/or child care constraints. Popular among those in their 30's and 40's.
This Friday we'll all have a couple of beers and get together on my page for a Farty.
by Baystoner February 09, 2010
When someone or something refuses to cooperate, or be a smart, decent human being without an attitude. Farty is pretty much indescribable, you just know when someones being farty, its like a 6th sense.
GOSH, Curly Mophead is soo farty
by Ween Patrol January 03, 2005