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A dubious mercury-poisoning-like illness named after actor Jeremy Piven. The first documented case befell actor Jeremy Piven back in 2009 and caused him to miss several performances of the Broadway production of SPEED THE PLOW. While Piven claims that the illness is caused by eating too much sushi, it my be exacerbated by excessive partying, drinking, sex with prostitutes, and overall douchiness.
I can't go out for sushi with those whores again. I may get a case of the pivs.
by jdavisbruin February 23, 2012
Shorthand for "farty love"; When your love for someone is so intense and so real that you can fart in front of them without shame or embarrassment.
Last night I went out for Mexican food with my boyfriend, and afterwards...well to make a long story short, we're now in flove.
by jdavisbruin February 24, 2012

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