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Wearing trousers far below the hips.
Oh miss man, allow it, you shouldn't be looking. I am bussing low batty, so what?
by seasonticket July 24, 2006
(v) To fail at a test.
Oh man, I hate exams, I totally flopped that one.
by seasonticket August 18, 2006
A phrase over-utilised by low intelligence adolescents.
Original usage "don't worry"; currently "No comment", "Do not bring that matter up" or simply to annoy adults rather than communicate an idea.
Teacher: Listen David, if you don't do your homework, I will have to ring home.
David: Don't watch that!


Jemal: What did your Mum say when you got home?
David: Don't watch that!
by seasonticket January 26, 2008

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