(v.) to fill an entire bar, form, or part with kick drum, played rapidly and without variation.

Power Metal as a genre often uses songs entirely composed of flooding.

While flooding can be interesting when used in moderation, it is often relied upon by less skilled drummers to make their playing sound either heavier or faster.
Zack - I think we might need to fire Kevin. We write really great parts, but he has a propensity to just flood through them all.

Marty - You should have figured, I mean your drummer is just an orangutan you stole from the zoo and taught to play drums.

Zack - Where else would we find a drummer that looks like Animal from the Muppets?
by malarky2020 December 17, 2009
A kick ass song by the band Pantera. Features a great solo and a great outro.
Have you heard the song floods by Pantera. It has an awesome solo.
by Koro1990 January 18, 2011
Pants that are above the ankle.
Doug's pant are so high it looks as if he is waiting for floods
by wiv March 03, 2009
a mutation from halo 2, they start off as small little crawly thing and they latch on to a living organism taking over its motor functions making it kill or infect anyone else it see that isnt already a flood.They make funny sounds when they attempt to speak. there is one type of flood with a huge bubble on its head and if u shoot them or get near them they explode sending crawlys and spores everywhere.the regular ones were fast moving really strong one that chase you and shoot at you are are plain annoying
marines faawwwkkkk
by HybridSoldier5 September 26, 2009
A style of pants, worn only by the female gender and kids who had mothers that dressed them funny when they were kids.
I feel so bad for this guy I work with. His mom used to dress him in floods and he actually thinks they are dude's pants. I know a guy who should sell him his girl bike.
by JohnnyTTTT March 23, 2010
"High Waters" Short pants or long shorts...

Too short for pants and too long for shorts
Stephie: Your pants are finally floods
Harley: What are floods
Jeremiah(Jamma): Short pants, "high water"
by Benjamin P February 25, 2008
A person who suffers from serious halitosis, has their own pot of Jew gold, and has the physical deformity of looking like every ugly celebrity and being skinny and fat at the same time with gangly arms and shit nipples. A flood loves to clean, lead scouts through the woods, and fuck witches.
I'd rather be a paki than a Flood
by Erleigh road February 19, 2008
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