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A thugged out way of asking how someone is, or what they are doing.
Yo, nigga, whas popin'?
by BootylishuzBabe April 21, 2004
82 18
Phrase used to characterise an unsolicited visit to a residency via no mediums of communication. Made prominent by classic American sitcom "Seinfeld"
No Jerry! I Love The Pop In!!! What will i do???
by Art Vandalay November 23, 2003
50 16
A quick, unexpected visit
She can't do the pop-in!
by Genku July 29, 2003
32 11
When you fantasize while masturbating then someone appears in your fantasy unintentionally, in most cases someone who should not be there.
"I was cleaning the rifle then all the sudden out of nowhere your wife makes a pop in" "A pop-in? What the fuck? Get her out of there " "I tried she wouldn't leave , it wasn't my intention i can't control who pops-in"
by Johnny Martinez March 01, 2005
15 6
To get drug's. Used over the phone as a code word.
"Do you think I could 'pop in' later on."
by Diego July 29, 2003
9 30
popin... uh used by most crips or whom ever
yo cuddie whats popin yo
whats popalockin
then they will go CLLLAAAAAATTTT
by big emmanuel from NY March 14, 2004
10 70