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When your jean legs are above your ankles, or higher than they should be.
Did you see that dude's pants? He was flooding!
by a_person36 December 13, 2006
Used in instant-messaging chatrooms by people who want to disrupt the chat, and possibly cause the room to malfunction. The same message is sent over and over again at a rapid speed. This is usually achieved by copying a message and then pasting it/hitting enter as fast as possible. The message is usually very long and offensive, but sometimes comprises of just 1 character.

Commonly used in "chatroom wars" on chat servers such as and MSN chat.
Those fucks from "-Thee-Olde-Brothel-" are flooding our room again. You should've never insulted their leader.
by OiOiBoy June 25, 2006
peeing underneath the stall door while someone is in there taking a dump
i was mad at my friend, so flooding him while he was on the toilet seemed like a great idea
by floodguy December 23, 2012
The action of licking any overflowed semen off the surface after anal intercourse.
This girl was so freaky last night she made me start flooding her.
by NicholsonIan March 29, 2014
When blood from your menstrual flow overwhelms any tampons or pads and you end up with blood running down your legs and ruining your clothes, shoes, chairs, carpets. Usually found in pre or peri menopausal women and those with adenomyosis. Also called Projectile Menstruation
"Last night I was flooding so bad it looked like someone had murdered me in bed then drug my body to the bathroom"
by AnitaSpanking May 27, 2015
to ejaculate (cum) in a woman or a man with out protection, and have it leak out.
Greg: 'omg, i blow in that chick so much, i was flooding her'

Bill: 'im going to flood you bitch'

Phil: 'dam i fucking pounded that guy last night, and then i flooded his ass'

by Unknown_101 April 07, 2008
flooding is when your having anal and while your dicks still in her ass u piss so it then "floods" out of her ass
i gunna try flooding with my girl
by DEEZY CEEE August 29, 2007
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