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expression used to discribe masterbationary terms in a more polite term. useage mostly in canada, and other polite countries. not often used in the united states.
"ahh, i love flogging the dolphin"
by ejes November 02, 2003
4 6
Beating the meat. exorcising the bishop. giving a handshake to russel the love mussel. pleasuring one's self.
after i had dinner with my "you're just a friend" Cindy, i went straight home to flog the dolphin.
by charlie July 16, 2003
183 37
Masturbating. See also: feed the ducks See also: jerking off
Dude, honestly. I've been sitting here all day thinking about flogging the dolphin. But, there's no lotion. Fuck!
by BobbyMiller January 30, 2003
58 40
to jerk off;masturbate;rubbing one out
Joe didnt get it in with his girlfriend,so instead he started flogging the dolphin
by tmmmmmmmmmmmmm May 12, 2011
19 7
Euphemism for masturbation. Primarily male oriented but can be unisex.
Hey, how did your date go last night?
It didn't. I was stood up, so I ended up staying home and flogging the dolphin.
by ZydrateGirl October 29, 2013
1 0