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A phrase used at someone who has made you angry
Dude, no one cares about your Sea Monkeys, eat a dick.
by BobbyMiller January 30, 2003
Masturbating. See also: feed the ducks See also: jerking off
Dude, honestly. I've been sitting here all day thinking about flogging the dolphin. But, there's no lotion. Fuck!
by BobbyMiller January 30, 2003
4.) A greeting
Yo shout, Grandma!
by BobbyMiller February 02, 2003
1.) A nonsensical exclamation
2.) An exclamation of not caring or giving up
3.) A joyous exclamation
1.) Hey, I just shit myself. Yo shout!
2.) She cheated on me with Leroy? The guy with no legs? Yo Shout!
3.) I love the world! Yo Shout!
by BobbyMiller January 30, 2003
1.) Used to describe someone about to eat a large meal.
2.) The act of consuming large amounts of food.
1.) He ate like a fat bitch!
2.) I haven't ate in 10 years. Time to fat bitch!
by BobbyMiller January 30, 2003
1.) See also tool
2.) A person who isn't fun, lame, etc.
1.) What a fucking slapstick.
2.) Oh, you're not hanging out tonight? Fuck you slapstick.
by BobbyMiller January 30, 2003

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