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Beating the meat. exorcising the bishop. giving a handshake to russel the love mussel. pleasuring one's self.
after i had dinner with my "you're just a friend" Cindy, i went straight home to flog the dolphin.
by charlie July 16, 2003
Masturbating. See also: feed the ducks See also: jerking off
Dude, honestly. I've been sitting here all day thinking about flogging the dolphin. But, there's no lotion. Fuck!
by BobbyMiller January 30, 2003
to jerk off;masturbate;rubbing one out
Joe didnt get it in with his girlfriend,so instead he started flogging the dolphin
by tmmmmmmmmmmmmm May 12, 2011
Euphemism for masturbation. Primarily male oriented but can be unisex.
Hey, how did your date go last night?
It didn't. I was stood up, so I ended up staying home and flogging the dolphin.
by ZydrateGirl October 29, 2013
expression used to discribe masterbationary terms in a more polite term. useage mostly in canada, and other polite countries. not often used in the united states.
"ahh, i love flogging the dolphin"
by ejes November 02, 2003
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