Flock is an internet browser that is mainly used for social sites such as Myspace, facebook , etc. Flock has some of mozilla firefox does, such as tabs, and some of the same internet features. Flock is better updated, however, and beats Internet at everything. With Flock you can open all of your favorites at once, without opening new tabs on your own and manually typing in URLS. Google flock downloads if you would like to try Flock. Flock saves names and accounts just like firefox and works faster and smoother than internet.
My internet was acting up, so my friend told me to download flock instead.
by xwatevx35 April 04, 2009
Top Definition
The word given to describe the large amount of hopeful male suitors chasing an extremely pretty girl who is otherwise disinterested.
"There goes the flock again.. I don't know how she deals with it"
by Tmacca December 20, 2013
To have many kilos of a drug (aka bird)
I sell so many birds, I got a flock.
by R1Aaron February 28, 2007
A group of common white girls. They drink Starbucks and wear leggings and uggs in a large group
Did you see that flock in the mall today?
by Bryson Juhnsen December 21, 2013
1. a group of birds
2. to go from one place to another quickly
1. "There is a flock of birds in the sky."
2. "He's chasing us! FLOCK!"
by tasha March 12, 2005
The act of flossing your asshole with a sock.
My ass required a good flocking after a long night in Vegas.
by Riverabung July 09, 2014
To fuck someone and then block them on Facebook afterwards.
Jennifer was really great in bed, but she got so crazy on me that I had to flock her.
by Nafoom April 27, 2015
a group of any people, places, or objects. It must consist of at least two. There must be a strong bond of trust with in the flock. Can also be used in the place of the f-word.
dude, what the flock!
by deadbirdsflock June 29, 2014

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