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a small town in south western Pennsylvania about 20 minutes north of Pittsburgh (aka Da 'Burgh)
-surrounds Arnold, PA

-is surrounded by the Allegheny River and Lower Burrell

-population is made up of whites, blacks, and mulattoes

-New Kensington-Arnold School District

-Biggest school rival: Burrell High School

-said to be one of the most dangerous places to live in Pennsylvania

-biggest problems are: drugs, teen pregnancy, murder, and robbery
by Tasha March 13, 2005
The South West side of Houston Texas
Alief texas is on the south west of houston
by Tasha March 30, 2005
To marshall your physical and mental resources and continue toward your goal. Cowboys of old were known for their stalwartness.
So you fell off your bike...you'd better cowboy the fuck up and try it again.
by Tasha December 24, 2004
someone who never ceases to amaze me. i lovee YOU <3
Pratik you're so amazing smart, funny hot nd talented. i love youu.
by Tasha July 04, 2004
(1) Hella nice brotha
(2) Car booster
(3) Comes well equipped
Yo you a Kon
by Tasha June 07, 2003
misspelled word for conceited. for those who can't spell.
'I'm so concited and i have a reason'
by Tasha June 17, 2006
the act of getting a penis rammed down your throat.
blowjob, head, cock sucking, play the skin flute,
by Tasha January 13, 2004

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