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Loose acquaintance. Buddy - you don't keep in touch with, who comes flocking to every major event. Boozing, drugging, partying pseudo-friend you don't expect to have a meaningful conversation with.
It's good to see all of you flockers! It's been a while!
by .:cyfar:. September 28, 2005
A combination of the terms "Floppy" and "Knockers" when referring to a womans breasts.
Billy's mom makes great lasagna, but I really wanna see her flockers.
by Jimmy Drama July 16, 2008
A boy/man who flocks to a specific woman along with many other men. Typically, these women are people who are surprised by how many flockers she has. A typical nickname for a woman with many flockers is a "firetruck". Their female friends with less flockers may be referred to as "ambulances".
Julia- How are you going to choose a date for the dance out of so many guys?!?
Irene- Damn flockers, making my life difficult.
Julia- Maybe you shouldn't be such a firetruck.
Irene- Shut up, ya ambulance.
by ireneissosexy January 13, 2014

1. the name designated for two or more cars that travel side by side on the highway at the same speed, thus preventing you from passing.
"what the hell is this?! either speed up or slow down, flockers!"
by blondechicken December 12, 2011
someone who 'flocks' to wherever their crush/girlfriend/boyfriend is at the time.

"whenever sarah is around jarrod is a massive flocker"
by aaaaa.rrrrr.bbbb August 13, 2008
A group of three or more swagfags/hipsters walking around together.
"Hey look at that group of flockers"
by shitymoviessuck June 10, 2013
A group of people who stand together and/or walk together, usually in the way of people
Those flockers are blocking the rollercoaster line
by Marsh January 05, 2005

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