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a group of friends,otherwise known as 'crew'.
"me and my flock r gonna go watch da beef"
by GO$$!P QU££N August 11, 2006
To have many kilos of a drug (aka bird)
I sell so many birds, I got a flock.
by R1Aaron February 28, 2007
The word given to describe the large amount of hopeful male suitors chasing an extremely pretty girl who is otherwise disinterested.
"There goes the flock again.. I don't know how she deals with it"
by Tmacca December 20, 2013
Abbreviation for "friend-lock." On livejournal, the act of locking a post so that only users you choose can read it.
"Aren't you worried about just anyone being able to read that rant about your boss?"

"Nah, I f-locked that post."
by beatricks December 08, 2008
When someone with a flabby stomach is covering his own cock.
Its been years since you seen ur feet cuz of ur flock!!!
by Plackata June 12, 2011
The act of flossing your asshole with a sock.
My ass required a good flocking after a long night in Vegas.
by Riverabung July 09, 2014
A group of common white girls. They drink Starbucks and wear leggings and uggs in a large group
Did you see that flock in the mall today?
by Bryson Juhnsen December 21, 2013
The act of ejaculating on a 100 dollar bill and slapping it on the face of a homeless person. Performed mainly in the northeastern part of the country but may have spread farther out. Documented in at least 8 states.
That smelly hobo totally got flock’d last night
by hoboinsearchofmoney March 24, 2011