a rich smart girl who goes to mahopac high school. she moved to ny from tennessee. she went to privet school. she loves to ride horses. she only drinks VOSS water from norway. he has red cheeks that makes it look like shes always blushing. she likes to flirt with her best friends older brother. she wants to marry a doctor so he can buy her expensive things to her taste. loves the Gorsuch magazine. she speakes spanish and english. she travels all over the world a lot because she has the money to. shes a virgin but is always on her knees giving bj. shes a nice bitch.
flooooooooooo <3 i love that whore.
by robertthemanwhore October 30, 2011
A nasty, honky-tonk, skank. Her face is always red like she’s blushing. She’s a loudmouth bitch that you could hear clearly over a Def Leppard concert. Her loud speaking is sort of a mating call for male white trash because they’re the only ones that will give her the attention she craves. She has wrinkle lines over her top lip from smoking since she was ten. She knows the words to every David Allan Coe song.
Are you going to let that goddamn nasty Flo fix your food? You’re a braver man than I.

Scene: A packed bar
Jerry: Where’s that loud talking coming from?
Tom: It’s that Flo dancing on the table over there. Don’t you remember the Flo who came in earlier asking if we had a mechanical bull?
by cuts73 May 12, 2010
F*cking Lame-O, loser, turd bucket, uniballer
That FLO shorted me on my bag again.
by upchuckk March 28, 2008
a pretty wicked girl but trys to die her hair from blonde to brown n its ends up greeny ginger
she has a love for selk bags, pauls boutique bags, shoes (shoegasms), bagasms, n everything that is mega expecive but the only problem is she needs money to buy all this so need to rob a bank :) with her partner in crime :P
flo also has a love for bathroom floors but a phobia of wooden objects
n is also friends with gypes who she loves to bits
flo: i need a selk bag
person: same here
flo:dam i also need money i know lets rob a bank
person: (partner in crime) lets do it

cool kids
by gype for ever :) May 17, 2009
African American for the word floor.
Jamall hit the flo when he heard the drive by shooting outside his crib in the ghetto.
by Maxwell October 07, 2004
a slang version of the word 'floor,' which is the surface that covers the ground
Joe: Dude, I keep trippin', I'm so clumsy.

Roy: Yeah, it's like da flo is yo best friend, man!
by dereki April 28, 2008
The god-like drummer from Cryptopsy.
"Man, that drum solo Flo Mounier did was fuckin' insane."
by Garret March 28, 2005

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