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the male sexual organ
I wipped out my steeh on that hoe.
He got a baby steeh.
by d-town April 12, 2003
nice sized breast. not necessarily large, but at least handfuls. Usually proceeded by "dem".
"Is that Tyra Banks?" "Look at dem yattums!"
by D-Town February 15, 2004
child molester. Used for men that lure at girls. Men that whistle at you as they drive by, or inappropriately honk their horn to suggest a sexual interest. Used to define an older man who appears to be attracted to a younger female whom they do not know.
That guy just whistled at me! What a chimo!
by d-town January 25, 2005
A surface on which to stand.
Damn dog, I just dropped my shit on da flo.
by d-town April 12, 2003
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