An awesome girl who is always there for her friends. She is reliable, cute, lovable, and funny.
I luv Flo, she is so fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
by jigsaw4928 June 13, 2011
A nickname within a nickname.

-Usually an undercover agent of some sort, found carrying a weapon of destruction, defense, or convenience.
-Likes words with silent letters, also loves confusing people.
-Thinks quickly, almost too quick to follow.
-Extremely intelligent, loving, high-tempered, but a hell of a best friend.
-Easy to trust, very dependable.
-Tall, attractive, and often hard to get.
Sally: "Who was that chick you were talking to back there?"

Tom: "I don't know, but god, she was one smoking Flo!"

Sally: "What?"

Tom: "I couldn't follow anything she was saying, probably because I was lost in her beauty..."

Sally: "Are you okay? That was really corny by the way"
by loveanonymous August 27, 2009
An 'imaginary' friend who you miss but don't want to forget. Usually she but to some it could be a he.
boy asks wheather he can use the empty chair next to you.
you reply with "no flo is sitting there"


In the car going to your friends house:
"shit mum, flo. shes coming too, i was supposed to pick her up"
mum does not question flo and replies with:
"oooh no, do you want me to go back?"
by jessica0106 February 23, 2009
An expression especially used on the Canadian east coast to describe an inconceivably good looking guy who pretends to be dismissive or even exasperated by relationships but acts unexpectedly sweet and stays loyal towards his significant other.
Oh, you shouldn't feel rejected by your boyfriend, he's just a flo.
by deepspacemine April 04, 2013
The locks that we let hang. The hair the can "flo" freely outside the confines of a Lacrosse helmet. This posting is simply a response to "flow"'s definition that the word is "Mostly a hockey term".
Dang. I was looking at the dime's booty-doo when Paul Rabil walked by an I got a woody just scopin that flo.
by j. maher February 24, 2009
For the Love of Satan
Eveything in this world is happening FLOS
by Ethan Ash July 26, 2011
Term abbreviated as 'frikin' lickin' over spaz'....sorta like an overspaz...originated from rahul and yurtesh (pronounced floz)
1.fuck u, ur sucha flos....
2.we're gna flos u!! (wen u spazticate sum1...)
by Rahul and Yurtesh October 12, 2006

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