Flip is a New Orleanian term in which two males engage in sexual relations with one female.
Guy 1: Sup man? You ready to go flip dis hoe or what?
Guy 2: You know I'm always ready to flip some hoes.
by new orleans flipper December 14, 2010
In gay culture, to "flip" is to reverse one's typical sexual position when the situation warrants.
I normally like to be the top, but I'd totally flip for the dude over there.
by mjwh December 13, 2010
"Fuck Love Im Pimpin". a term used for grown men that are over two timing, silly, immature bitches.
Fuck Amanda, Its f.l.i.p. til i DIE
by ...p-lat... April 17, 2007
An Icy. Frozen Kool-aid usually comes in a paper cup. After you lick to syrupy top you flip it over and enjoy ones summer favorite to cool off. It is sold in neiborhoods (mainly in FL that I know of) by an older lady for $.25-.50.
Its hot, lets go get a flip.
Whos sells flips over here.
by Nicol August 27, 2005
To have sex with someone and then let your friend fuck them next. This is usually done by guys trying to get their friend's some ass too.
When you're done, let's flip." "We should flip her, she's hot.
by FVRS July 24, 2011
A girl that flip flops from one dude to another.
That girl is a flip. She slept with my boy's cousin.
by mrkeevan July 21, 2011
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