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used in: nepoleon dynomite
what the flip is that
by dood man February 25, 2005
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Term used excessively by popular youtube drummer, Cobus Potgieter. Term that expresses total amazement, confusion or disbelief, Similar to what the fuck or omg.
Joe: Yo, dude I just won one million dollars!

#what the fuck #omg #holy shit #awesome #amazing
by Dejayelkay April 25, 2011
Replacement for "what the heck". Can be used in almost any situation randomly. First created by the one and only all-powerful Napoleon Dynamite.
Your uncle tries to sell breast enhancing herbal treatments to the girl you have a crush on... when she tells you this, you proclaim to your uncle, "What the flip!?"
by Donteleo Hellious February 04, 2005
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