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middle finger
i flipped him off
by flip July 24, 2003
Verb: the act of inserting the index and middle finger into the chest cavity and performing a swift upward motion; usually accompanied by saying "Flip" in a deep voice
Did you see him flip that guy?

Stop flipping me!
by Flip master January 11, 2014
"Fuck Love Im Pimpin". a term used for grown men that are over two timing, silly, immature bitches.
Fuck Amanda, Its f.l.i.p. til i DIE
by ...p-lat... April 17, 2007
Flip primarily pointed at Filipinos.
Fucking Little Islander Person.
White Boy: That stupid Flip beat me!
Viet Boy: Hey PINOY! the White Boy called yoo a fucking little islander person!
by XxMyStIc PiNoYxX May 08, 2004
car;or ride sumones flippa
"mayne, wherez da flippa"
"muh baby momma got it to go to werk"
by SnOw WhItE April 06, 2004
Like the word Jap, or Chink, "Flip," was originally created by American's, with the same intention to belittle people from an Asian nation. In this particular case, people from the Asian Pacific island nation the Philippines.
Flips like to eat fried fish.
by Kampilan February 14, 2014
Flip is a New Orleanian term in which two males engage in sexual relations with one female.
Guy 1: Sup man? You ready to go flip dis hoe or what?
Guy 2: You know I'm always ready to flip some hoes.
by new orleans flipper December 14, 2010