middle finger
i flipped him off
by flip July 24, 2003
Verb: the act of inserting the index and middle finger into the chest cavity and performing a swift upward motion; usually accompanied by saying "Flip" in a deep voice
Did you see him flip that guy?

Stop flipping me!
by Flip master January 11, 2014
A shortened word for flip flops.
I need to put my flips on before I leave the house.
by Flyin Mayan February 11, 2015
A phrase frequently used by an awesome person to express surprise. Can be used as a substitute for cuss words.
What the flip?! Did you really just say that? No, no. I'm done. I'm done with you all. Goodbye.
by TitaniousAnglesmith42 November 27, 2014
car;or ride sumones flippa
"mayne, wherez da flippa"
"muh baby momma got it to go to werk"
by SnOw WhItE April 06, 2004
Flip is a New Orleanian term in which two males engage in sexual relations with one female.
Guy 1: Sup man? You ready to go flip dis hoe or what?
Guy 2: You know I'm always ready to flip some hoes.
by new orleans flipper December 14, 2010
In gay culture, to "flip" is to reverse one's typical sexual position when the situation warrants.
I normally like to be the top, but I'd totally flip for the dude over there.
by mjwh December 13, 2010

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