It's what you say when you are in a place that does not alow vulgar language. or to catch you'r self at the last minute.
What the fu... I mean flip
by bob the mailman March 13, 2008
Verb. In Gears of War, to steal a down that is clearly not yours. To deal with a habitual flipper, his or her team boycotts them and leaves them to deal with the enemy team in its entirety. After the abandoned flipper gets killed, the round resumes.
TB: Holy fuck, did you see that?! I downed that COG with the Boltok from fifty feet away and some fuck ran across the whole map to take the kill.
PHLEX: Ya' got flipped! Some real CBS type shit right there.
by Rephlexion May 07, 2007
a skateboarding brand (geoff rowley, rune glifberg)
I have an element skateboard but i want a flip.
by Heather December 21, 2004
Like the word Jap, or Chink, "Flip," was originally created by American's, with the same intention to belittle people from an Asian nation. In this particular case, people from the Asian Pacific island nation the Philippines.
Flips like to eat fried fish.
by Kampilan February 14, 2014
1. Used to express sudden wonder or great surprise

2. The reality or state of being irritated
1. Alex: Its 3 am
Paige: FLIP it's late!

2. Alex: i think i left my wallet at home

Paige: Flip well thats convenient
by ((((whatever man)))) December 05, 2010
A Woman/Girl That Sleeps With 2 Or More People At The Same Time.
Yo Dude We Could Flip That... Who Her? Yeah, But Never Call Her Back... Why? Cause She A Flip!!! She A Flipper Once She Off Liquor!!! Hit It From The Back, It Gets Thicker!!!
by Tyrealious July 03, 2009
to fuck, to get with someone,
" i go hard, thats why ur bitch tryin to flip me"
by neara June 09, 2009
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