a skateboarding brand (geoff rowley, rune glifberg)
I have an element skateboard but i want a flip.
by Heather December 21, 2004
Slang term for a Philipino person
Dude 1 "Wtf is Flip?!?"
Dude 2 "Slang term for Philipino you dumbass."
by ThaRealBadazz May 29, 2011
1. Used to express sudden wonder or great surprise

2. The reality or state of being irritated
1. Alex: Its 3 am
Paige: FLIP it's late!

2. Alex: i think i left my wallet at home

Paige: Flip well thats convenient
by ((((whatever man)))) December 05, 2010
A Woman/Girl That Sleeps With 2 Or More People At The Same Time.
Yo Dude We Could Flip That... Who Her? Yeah, But Never Call Her Back... Why? Cause She A Flip!!! She A Flipper Once She Off Liquor!!! Hit It From The Back, It Gets Thicker!!!
by Tyrealious July 03, 2009
to fuck, to get with someone,
" i go hard, thats why ur bitch tryin to flip me"
by neara June 09, 2009
1. To sell drugs and describe how quick you move the product

2. Being who they want. Dirty south pimps know this

3. To turn it around on someone when they are hating on you or someone you know
1. "You got any of that fire?"
"Nah, I already flipped that shit"

2. "Who they want? Flip"

3. "She was talking shit about me, but I flipped the script on that bitch"
by flip1985 March 03, 2009
"flipping your boyfriend" means coaxing, seducing or plain out forcing your boyfriend to take your strap-on dildo up his virgin ass.
Have you flipped your boyfriend yet?
by fcukbrat August 15, 2008

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