(v) To give up, to betray.
The narc flipped on his friend.
by Tilde September 17, 2005
to sell something for profit, usually drugs.
ima flip this weed for some quick cash.
by yumyum87 June 21, 2009
An alternative to Fuck.
guy1:Fuck man, my teacher just gave me a detention for saying Fuck 100x over

guy2:dude,just say flip

guy1:good idea!! HEY TEACH!!! FLIP OFF WON'T YOU!!

teacher:i beg your pardon Jonathan??
by DontReallyNeedToKnow March 14, 2009
Slang word for Combining LSD and Ecstasy. Also known as Candy Flipping.

Also known as the most beautiful experience in the world.
person one: *pulls out a sheet of acid*
person two: "dude i've got some triplestacks.. lets flip!"
by acid dreams May 05, 2009
to sell.
usually drugs.
let's buy a quarter and flip back 2 g's

"a-fro-man take a pound of bud and flip it like a pancake. buccccooooccc!"
by watzy January 03, 2007
v-to do an inversion in the air
n.-a trick involving an inversion in the air
v-to get really mad.
I did a back flip. My dad's going to flip when he sees this crappy grade.
by 5'1"Racer January 19, 2004
middle finger
i flipped him off
by flip July 24, 2003

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