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Noun. The six-shot "magnum" revolver pistol in Gears of War. A decent sidearm for campaign play, but a completely ridiculous and worthless choice of weapon for versus modes.
PHLEX: Guess what weapon I'm getting...
TB: Magnum time?
TB: Oh... my god...
by Rephlexion May 07, 2007
Verb. In Gears of War, to steal a down that is clearly not yours. To deal with a habitual flipper, his or her team boycotts them and leaves them to deal with the enemy team in its entirety. After the abandoned flipper gets killed, the round resumes.
TB: Holy fuck, did you see that?! I downed that COG with the Boltok from fifty feet away and some fuck ran across the whole map to take the kill.
PHLEX: Ya' got flipped! Some real CBS type shit right there.
by Rephlexion May 07, 2007

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