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Flaugh, short for "Fake laugh". To pretend or fake lauging.
Fake laugh aka "Flaugh" = hah hah hah hah
Real laugh = hahahahhahahaha

*Jim falls down*
Bob: hahahahhahahaha
Jim: hah hah hah hah
by fartnugget March 13, 2014
When you laugh and a little fart squeaks out.
The joke that Hannah told was so funny that not only did my sides hurt, but I flaughed a little.
by Jojo Shabooty May 06, 2010
a fake laugh that you do when you can't be bothered laughing
person 1:"why are pirates, pirates?"
person 2:"i dunno"
person 1:"because they ARGHHHH"
person 2:"hahaha.........."
person 1:"don't flaugh me"
by kicketty August 27, 2009
The word "flaugh" comes from two words. The first being "flaunt" and the second being "laugh". The combination of these two words is used to show great joy and, instead of laughing only to one's self, laugh out loud (lol) in a flaunting manner. Most of the time the word is pronounced as "floff", but only when said with a German accent. It can also be said as "flaugh", but that's just not cool.
Dude: Remember when that girl got wasted last night and was totally throwing up onto Guy's couch?
Chick: Yeah. Why?
Dude: I definitely FOL'd.
Chick: FOL?
Dude: You know,... Like FMAO?
Chick: *Shrug*
Dude: I Flaughed Out Loud... It's exactly like Flaughing My Ass Off.
Chick: What the fuck are you talking about?
by Baby Gap October 25, 2006
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