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a person who goes out with the intention of getting girls younger than themself but not so young that its wrong just one or two years younger
bill: "so man how was your weekend"
willson: "yeah great aye i went junting"
bill: "oh yeah howd that go
willson: "well ya know that hottie in year 11"
bill: "yeah"
wilson: "i tapped that"
by kicketty August 27, 2009
when something is both intense and interesting but not quite more of one nor the other
wow that that movie was intensteresting or when the man spoke i was intensterested
by kicketty April 08, 2008
a fake laugh that you do when you can't be bothered laughing
person 1:"why are pirates, pirates?"
person 2:"i dunno"
person 1:"because they ARGHHHH"
person 2:"hahaha.........."
person 1:"don't flaugh me"
by kicketty August 27, 2009

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