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5 definitions by Monsta

Flats are neverflats with hardly any tire on dem mothafuckas cuz the rims is so damn big!!! If u ride on rims while u r runnin dem Flats dats what it is rite der!!! U gotta have like an inch of tire on dat mothafucka..So can be pushin some straight tight shit.. if u do this all da hoes will be on yo joc big tym.. Then u can have somethin in common wit Dem Franchize Boyz but dats as close as u gone get to dem boyz!!!
If ya ride rims ya gotta ride flats!!!
by Monsta May 16, 2006
156 99
area in east palo alto also known as the village and V-town. E.P.A is in the bay area wich is located in nothern cali
it's all about da vill
by monsta September 11, 2003
22 6
A text based fantasy game. This is often played by executing an alt-tab during Counter-Strike scrims and matches at crucial moments. This soon creates violent individuals who forget to pick up a +5 Armor, which affects their gameplay in Counter-Strike.
Dave stop playing gemstone 3 in the match right now.
by monsta March 12, 2003
12 3
To break an item of some sort, typically a video game
Did you lastwurm your hl today?
by monsta March 12, 2003
0 0
Someone who is beastest at everything
Monsta is a monsta.
by monsta March 12, 2003
25 36