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something boring or tedious
the party was flat so hector streaked through the billiard room.
by CooCooCoo January 17, 2006
93 58
Being Flat Down Below, Having No Genitals And Being A Fag
Name Starting With P And Ending With N Flat
by PlooutionSux March 20, 2012
1 2
British a bunch of rooms on one floor - a single-story building. It is commonly confused with "flat," meaning apartment.
i live in a flat, but not an apartment.
by I belie definitions September 08, 2006
8 9
Short for "Feel/felt like a twat".
Some Guy: Dude! Why didn't you ask her out?
Dude: I totally flatted.
by Adamsuperkewl November 01, 2010
2 4
The conclusion one comes to when looking at a women's body and her butt or chest is flat. The difference is told by saying if the front or back is flat.
We saw these sexy girls walking down the street. I wanted to talk to them, but then I saw they were too flat in the back.
by Look at it! March 26, 2010
3 5
a skanky little ho who thinks she has a chest and walks around looking like a board
hey sexy, dont you think im hott?
you flat as hell woman
flat? what do you mean, flat?
by FuckAnarchy907 July 21, 2006
40 42
bad; boring; dull; opposite of steep
Homework is so flat!
by Eileen March 14, 2003
7 10
Uncool, bogus, lame, wack, or dick.
I got fired today for smoking weed in the bathroom...my boss was totally flat about it.
by J March 12, 2003
9 12