To shine light on an object using a flashlight.
Part of Speech: Verb
Flashlight the dog's paw so we can discover what is causing her to limp.
by unknownsnder October 31, 2012
Term used for a man's penis when you like to be secretive.

An inside word to your lover that signifies your penis.
"ouch! hey, you just hit my flashling."

"oh dang! you turned on my flashlight (;"

by Carebear21 July 10, 2008
Useful for Robbing a house
A Flashlight Makes It Alot Crisper clear Cleaner And Crystal Like Clear Like Saranwrap You S.O What?
by Hollenhammer March 04, 2005
A small portable light that is used to see behind things and when the power goes out.
We better go buy a flashlight.
by David March 07, 2004
a light up dildo, when it gets too dark to see anything.
when we lost power while i was masterbating, it was scary. Luckly, i had my flashlight!
by Ian cracker December 18, 2007
Thin person wearing flashy pimp clothing
Tim came down to the club looking like a flashlight
by Xanaty February 11, 2005
a light that can be stuck up yo best friends (daniel Gombrich)ass and they pop a boner, and smile. All this is done while they are sleeping
flashlight, maglight
by rishman027 October 22, 2008

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