The sexual position involving two guys and a girl where the girl is held suspended in between the two men, tossed up into the air, and either one of the men try to catch the woman, in either hole, on his penis. Painful for everyone involved.
Sean and I flapjacked that bitch last night. Now we are headed to the hospital.
by tennispl123 October 19, 2008
1. Pancakes

2. A variation of Slap Jacks
One (pancakes) is good with maple syrup and the other is not.
by skin January 30, 2004

1. An all-around duesch bag that thinks they're tough, but in actuality can easily be knocked on their ass with one punch.


2. The act of knocking out a duesch bag with an uppercut, causing them to flip in the air like a pancake, or "flap jack."
(NOUN) -
1. "All British fighters are fuckin flap jacks!"

(VERB) -

1. "O.K. That's it! That Duesch bag is getting Flap Jacked!"

2. "Did you see the Bisping Henderson fight??? Bisping totally got Flap Jacked!!"
by Brit-Basher February 10, 2011
A sex position which a female is mounted and faced forward towards the male. The male then grasps the ass cheeks of the female and bounces it up and down like they were flipping pancakes.
Damn boy I flap jacks the hell out of Tiffany last night. Her ass was flipping like pancakes.
by Jacobthewolf September 06, 2012
A man who stores tiny hotel liquor bottles under his armpits and/or fat flaps.
Have you got A mini Jack Daniels under your armpit? You Flap Jack.
by Syl Verona Platter January 05, 2011
extremely loose genitals that flap around every direction.
dude: wow, you got flap jacks

chick: i had 4 kids, and 2 of them were fat ass babys, what do you expect

by abogie June 21, 2011
A woman's breast when lying on their backs appears flat and similar to a pancake or flapjack.
When my woman was flat on her back, all I saw were flapjacks!
by big daddy ron August 23, 2006

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