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n., Bronx NY and vicinity.

The act of exposing yourself, or performing other lewd acts in public, in exchange for alcohol, drugs, NFCs, or jewelry.

Usually performed by high school or middle school aged girls.
Brittany was in the back room, cheesecaking for blunt hits and bootleg NFCs.
by BronxBoy917 December 29, 2011
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1. Is a social act of purposefully dropping crumbs and/or chunks of cheesecake everywhere.

2. Constantly dropping bits of food

3. Saying stupid comments about all the different types of cheesecake.
"Oh for god's sake stop cheesecaking all over the carpet."

"You're cheesecaking all over my goddamn stuff!!"

"So Joe I was cheesecaking the other day and decided that chocolate cheesecake weighs more than normal cheesecake because of the chocolate."
by cheesypoofs31 May 04, 2010
Verb, the act of a male pretending to be a female in an RPG computers game to earn favors from male players.
I was new to Diablo, so I started cheese caking to get myself some gear.

I needed some help with a quest so I cheese caked this guy into helping me.

I was bored last night so I pretended to be a women, and this dude from Maryland totally went for it. ie... Cheese caking.
by Typherious January 05, 2010
when a person smiles or laughs or has a strange facial expression.
shane was cheese caking after becky told him she was pregnant with his baby.shane was filled with joy to become a father.So then Becky started to cheese cake as well to become a mother and that shane was just as happy as her.
by aquarius2492clark March 08, 2012
When smoking herb with a group of people, the act of just holding the pipe in your hand and continuing the conversation during a rotation, causing the bowl to cake out and turn into cheesecakey mush. If the person holds onto the pipe especially too long, this can be followed up by telling the person, "Hey, put some cherries (flames) on that cheesecake, asshole!"
Dude, nobody in the room has heard a word you've been saying for the last 3 minutes 'cause you've been cheesecaking the pipe the whole time.
by HellazDank August 03, 2010
1) (verb) To be lethargic or very lazy. Not wanting to do anything. Usually caused by too much stress or not enough sleep. It's synonymous with procrastination via sleepy activities

2) (verb) being in a state where you feel the world will eat you.
1) "oh no, she's cheesecaking again"

2) "Stop cheesecaking, and go get motivated"
by supertoast7 February 22, 2010
the act of spuffing your load over a willing volunteers face and then punching them square in the nose causing a trickle of blood to run over the spuff looking like the strawberry sauce on a cheesecake.
come on diedre im taking you to m&s for a nice bit of cheesecaking
by harold boon December 06, 2007

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