A Woman with breasts that are flat. Deflated Titties.
An old age home is a great place to find Flap Jacks.
by Leon June 20, 2004
much the same as Hangy tits, flapjacks are large breasts (seemingly large, anyhow) that fall past the bellybutton when freed from their restraints. Usually veiny, with nipples pointing southward.
Bob: Damn, she's got some tig ol' bitties.
Bill: Nah, I'll bet they're flapjacks.
by jerkamiah666 April 30, 2007
large breasts with the tendency to sag.
My good friend Andrew informed us that his ex-girlfriend, Laura, had some mean flapjacks.
by Edward the Great April 08, 2004
A Lose Ass Pussy Thats All Beated Up
Nicole Is A Flap Jack Her Pussy Is Like An Old Ladie
by Sambooshawan May 13, 2009
the overhanging fat on a woman's belly usually after she has kids
i don't see your cesarean scar? lift up my flapjack and you will see it.
by sexy texan January 11, 2012
Speculum used in Gynaecological procedures
to literally jack a womans flaps open
warm up the flap jack nurse...dont want her to catch frostbite
by arrows101 February 13, 2009
Describes two body parts in particular on the femal body. Volumeless saggy breast which resemble the pancake like flat bread called flap jacks.

Also describes a flat ass
She should have wore a bra, without one her boobs look like flap jacks.
by kumquat87 October 19, 2009
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