A variation on a pwn created at tl/fwi forum which constitutes the ownage or pwn of a poster who has been gotten to
That wasnt just pwnage, he's been flapjacked!
by =ID= July 08, 2009
The instance of a man unexpectedly getting hit (skin to skin) with another man's penis in a nude bar.
Pat turned around to his buddy at the nude bar and says" Dude that guy just Flap Jacked me with his dick and it touched my hand!
by MGM629 August 08, 2016
When your're wiping your ass, and you check the paper to see if you're clean. It's look clean but a flap of the toilet paper folded over the poop. So you get up and go about your day thinking you're clean. Then you get home and see that your underwear is ruined. You got jacked by the flap. You got flapjacked.
*taking off clothes after a long day* *sees stain in underwear* Oh man! I must have gotten flapjacked.
by SpartanCinema March 25, 2016
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