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The opposite of a fag hag, a straight bloke that hangs around with lesbians.
"It was busy in the gay bar last night, you couldn't get near the bar for flapjacks."
by moriarty October 18, 2012
1 2
When a man slaps his ball sack against his leg to make a snapping noise.
Dude I just had the loudest flap jack; it sounded like a fucking gunshot!
by GANGSTASS December 13, 2009
10 11
To stick your bare ass out the window of a friends car while passing another driver because he/she is driving like a douchebag infront of or beside you. can be done on either side of car but works best when you are turning left and they are stopped at a red light.flapjacking flap jack
why did you flapjack him?
Because he was doin 35 n a 50 zone
by Joe Jenco a.k.a Sir Flap Jack October 09, 2007
12 13
Overly large nipples on a woman.
She has a nice body but those flapjacks just don't cut it.
by Jacob Perrotta December 28, 2004
34 35



Someone who when playing a dice game, does not role the dice all the way, and just smacks the dice down in the palm of his or her hand. Thus ruining the game. After one flapjacks it is socially unacceptable to ask for a do over.


"Yo mother fucker you flapjack more then an international house of pancakes."

"*dice roll* "Oh shit I flapjacked can I do over?"
by syntrus November 18, 2009
6 8
Having or pretaining to a flat white ass.
Damn Paul, get your flapjack's out my face.
by Josh February 08, 2004
9 11
To flop onto your bed, belly down, while being naked
"Dude you've never Flapjacked after a long day?
by Chungarock January 02, 2011
6 9