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Acronym for "Liking Of Penal Essence" .

When an "s" is at the end of the word, the "s" stands for "situation".

Antonym of the acronym love which stands for "Liking Of Vaginal Essence".

Technically, using this logic, women can't feel love; they feel lope.
Cathy lopes John. John loves Cathy.
#opposite #love #hormones #penis #vagina
by nightlover May 25, 2012
1)Any STD acquired solely through sodomy.

(As of mid 80's research, there are no longer any more STDs that are believed to be acquired only through butt-sex.)

2) When a gay man has AIDS, it is assumed they acquired it through sodomy sexual activity, and, therefor, is derogatorily referred to as them having Grits.
Man 1: "This man has been diagnosed with Grits"
man 2: "this is the 90th century. It is called AIDs now."

- Grey's anatomy
#grit #butt-sex #sodomy #aids #hiv #std #80's #gay
by nightlover May 21, 2012
That doomed feeling when you have a craving for coffee while you are trying to fall asleep.
David had insomnia and stayed up all night because he was coffee cursed. He knew that he wouldn't be able to fall asleep unless he cured his craving, meanwhile knowing that coffee would also keep him awake. It was a lose-lose situation.
#addicted #coffee #cursed #doomed #lose-lose #fail
by nightlover May 25, 2012
Someone who actually uses the Urban Dictionary's word of the day, and then expects everyone else to know what they are talking about.
OMG THAT IS SO *insert word of the day here*!!!
Why is everyone staring at me?! I'm simply urbanary literate!
#smart ass #parent trying to act cool #nerd trying to act cool #fake #wannabe
by nightlover May 23, 2012
What an old person calls the internet.
Hook you grammy up too the interweb.
#old #internet #web #online #technology illiterate
by nightlover May 23, 2012
Mexican term for someone who lives in the war-happy imperialistic country "United States of America".
American racial slur equivalent to the German racial slur "Nazi".
"Damn greengo people took our land and now they call it "NEW mexico"! "
#united states #mexico #slang #derogatory #nazi #racial slur #gringo #green coat
by nightlover May 21, 2012
The white people version for the term ashy .
Guy 1: Man, do you need some of my lotion? you're looking kinda ashy.

Guy 2: Am white, so that makes me flaky, not ashy.
#dry skin #ashy #white #skin #dry #lotion
by nightlover May 21, 2012
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