Sissy Porcupine on Happy Tree Friends who always gets killed in the mayhem
Flaky got burnt to death in a funny episode of HTF
by Flippydaslasher October 30, 2007
A person who has taken too many hard drugs and is slipping in and out of reality. Symptoms of 'flakyness' include dropping off to sleep, rolling of the eyes, slumped body language and a refusal to do anything constructive due to drug-enduced full-body shutdown.
Bob - "Jim, your lookin flaky man. How much have you had?"

Jim - "Ugh. Can't remember man. Nah, lowe it. Cba talking"

Jim passes out, slips off his chair and collapses on the floor. He breathes lightly.
by Trent May 10, 2007
May be spelled "flakey." Noun form: "flake."

1. A person whose mannerisms, fashion, speech or personality is eccentric.
2. A person who ignores you for no valid reason.
3. A general negative connotation for any person, place or thing.
1. Tim is really flaky, he always talks about his shoes.
2. Did you hear about Charlie? Yea, her boyfriend just broke up with her so she's been acting flaky.
3. You don't want to go there, it's really flaky.
by Jennifer "Norma" C. September 28, 2005
When ya Attitude is Stank. Actin like you dont want to be bothered with nobody or anything they have to say.
1. i act FLAKY when a guy im unattracted to, wont give up

2. ya momma was actin FLAKY because her check aint come in the mail
by k.nicole July 13, 2005

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