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adj.,to be unreliable, and/or absent-minded, flighty, fickle. Generally unresponsible.
Bob said he'd bring beer and instead he invited his friends who brought no beer.And he used to be into punk and now he likes disco. Dude is totally flakey.
by roger February 05, 2004
A person who uses inaccurate excuses to mask thier non appearance to events, person who says one thing but does another....commonly known as a lie but does it so often thier personality is considered flakey.
Someone is flakey if for instance they are leaving town on a certain date to gain attention then keeps posting different dates on thier online profiles and telling you different information all the time. Someone who says they want to do one thing then randomly changes thier mind for no apparent reason.
by super-un-Uh-Mazing Babii February 17, 2010
Someone who , after being invited to an event , implies they will come, but infact bitches out at the last second - in the hour or minute of the event.
Person 1 - "come to the beach bruh"

Person 2 - "sure bruh"

Person 1 - "I'm at a train station, the trains coming in 5 minutes, where are you?"

Person 2 - "cba"

Person 1 - "Flakey bitch nigga"
by Maxsuh May 23, 2014
when you make plans with someone then they cancel last minute leaving you alone; unreliable; can`t be trusted. People like this don`t make good friends.
Dream is so flakey, overtime we make plans she always dips last minute. I can never rely on her.
by Beyone March 23, 2016
Someone who does not ever answer their text messages or phone.
Wow, I've texted Tara 34 times in the last 5 seconds and she still hasn't answered... she's flakey that way.
by Arat Nahtekcm January 27, 2012
(adj.) someone who doesnt keep it real and be actin shady.
"damn nigga, you be actinn real flakey.!"
by biggmoney86 December 09, 2009
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