Not Forreal , When A Person Means Somethin && They Dont Do It At All !
This Dude Said He Was Gonna Gimme $20 But , He Didn't ...Such A Flakes
by RandomLove20 February 07, 2010
n. An unreliable warlock; someone who commits to raiding obligations, but never follows through. Characteristically in self denial, and suffers from severe bouts of delusion. Commonly sees superior paladins as flakes instead.
1. It's raid time, and that warlock is pretending to be sick again today. She's such a flake.

2. What the hell? That warlock was logged in an hour ago and now she's nowhere to be found. What a flake!
by Oxidation January 28, 2011
alternate pronunciation - FLAKE (must be yelled)

As a noun, it is a person who is completely fake. They constantly need attention and must be liked by everyone, even if it means stabbing someone else in the back to do it (as long as the other person doesn't find out, and if they do, everything can be solved by a *hug*).

As a verb, it means to perform a retroaction, in a manner pertaining to the noun form. For example, ditching one friend to hang out with two friends, because two is more than one (do the math; it's true).

As an adjective, it means completely devoid of personality or character. Also, refering to everything as "the coolest," despite the fact that there can only be one "coolest."
I enjoy a bowl of frosted flakes in the morning.
by steelman August 16, 2003
A diss word to the Folk Nation or members of the Folk nation
Man, dat flake jus tried my boy dats a vice lord.

Lets go jump dat flake.
by 5 poppin January 25, 2010
Some worthless dude who basically hates women but sucks them in to think otherwise. His answer to everything is "Sorry"...with a big whine!!!

Don't be fooled ladies. He is very deceptive and SUCH A BIG FLAKE!!!

Nice women get totally sucked in my these guys...
This guy TAKES THE CAKE!!!
Relationship starts off with all the chivalry-opening doors, opening car door, nice words, holding hands, hugs, lots of kisses-gets you hooked then BANG, for no reason, one day doesn't want to kiss you
GFriend-what's wrong here? Why don't you want to kiss me?
Him-Oh, I forgot to tell you, I really don't like kissing
GFriend - What??? Last week you couldn't get enough of me, WTF???
Him-SORRY, I made a mistake and shouldn't have done that-I really don't like kissing

This is the BEST ONE!

He hasn't called in 2 months-we broke up
Him-Hi how are things...etc, etc, etc, Then asks me about concert tickets to his favorite band that I bought tickets for
ex-Gfriend-thought you weren't coming so I invited someone else
ex-Gfriend-well what do you expect, I havn't hear from you in 2 months
Him-I've been busy
ex-Gfriend-tell you what - the other concert in October for the same band-you can come then-you just have to pay for your $75 ticket. If you ACTUALLY SHOW UP, then I'll buy dinner, if not, then I'll give your ticket to someone else and you lose the $$. Sound fair?
Him-Yes, that's fair

Haven't heard from him since...LOL...F'n DUMBASS FLAKE!!!...I knew he would disappear again!!! Good riddence...
by RawAngel July 27, 2010
flake cocaine
i got some dank ass flake off joe last week
by barry October 17, 2003
adj; 1. to recant, cancel, or in most cases break previously established plans
2. An action frequently chosen by women
noun; 1. see also Marianne
Marianne loves to flake on plans.
by flakemasterflex January 13, 2009

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