A unreliable person(s).
mike raab is a flake
by haterofallthatisraab August 14, 2009
A person who agrees to do something but never follows through
Colin hay is the definition of a flake
by Gbsparky February 03, 2013
Someone who agrees to do something, than leaves right at the last second. Aka Jaden
Wow, Jaden is such a flake, he always agrees to something , than leaves at the last second. Flake
by NS09 October 12, 2015
A flake is a person of weak character. When the going gets tough, they can't handle it and give up. They tend to be the end product of parents that spoiled them rotten. Many upper middle class kids who had parents that gave them cars, toys, nice clothes and did not make them work as teenagers turn out to be useless flakes that have no concept of how to get by in the real world. Flakes tend to let their emotions get the best of them. You can tell right away if a girl is a flake because as soon as she gets dumped by her boyfriend, she is crying and sobbing to her best friends over a cell phone. Flakes are not reliable when it comes to following through on their commitments. They are used to having it easy so when they fail, they break down and blame their weakness on their friends. Flaky parents don't have the balls to discipline their kids so their kids turn out to be useless spoiled brats that couldn't change a flat tire to save their lives and waste their time on facebook, texting and shopping. Although flaky women tend to be very attractive, they are incredibly boring to be with because all they do is watch MTV and follow the latest scandals of Hollywood.
Flakes make me sick. They are sore losers who drift through life like lumps of crap because they can afford it for one reason or the other.
by Cecil-1984crem March 08, 2009
Slang term for cocaine
"Dude, you look fucked."
"Yeah man, I'm on flake."
by Curiosal September 21, 2014
A state of being, originated from Dublin, Ireland. Means to be chilled out or at ease.
Anto: Ah man, I'm so flake right now
Deco: Ah man, tell me about it, same here bud!
by Steveyyy November 05, 2013
Somebody who bails all the time.
Joey: lets go to habit
Danny: yeah
me: Awesome
Joey: nvm im gay
Me: Joeys a Flake
by macdaddybigblack June 17, 2013

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