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A state of being, originated from Dublin, Ireland. Means to be chilled out or at ease.
Anto: Ah man, I'm so flake right now
Deco: Ah man, tell me about it, same here bud!
by Steveyyy November 05, 2013
(n) A useless, shady, deceitful person who is so unreliable and selfish they cause you much anger and frustration. A Flake's only agenda is what they want to do. They have a weak character, often the products of bad parenting/spoiling kids. A Flake will make plans, never attend, and give no reason for their absence, even after they spent hours calling, texting, or emailing you. Flakes try to manipulate everybody, and sometimes are not the idiots they appear to be. A Flake often has little to no real friends due to their erratic behavior. You can never rely on a Flake. When questioned about their behavior, a Flake just gives up on the relationship and moves on to another person. Flakes can't get by in the real world and often act immature beyond their years, causing them to be labeled as "useless" human beings.
This girl called 15 times in one day and we decided to go out that night with some other friends. She arrives at the our meeting point, walks right by me like she doesn't know me, sits down with somebody else, and then proceeds to leave with them. Then, she stops answering her phone even though I know she sees my calls. A week or so later, she calls me again because she has nobody else to hang out with and wants to do something. However, she avoided all my phone calls for a week. Then she got mad when I confronted her about it. That's when I understood why people used to tell me she was "a useless flake" who still lives at home with her parents. When she was mentioned in a conversation someone always used the word "flake" in there somewhere.
by DirkDiggler88 August 25, 2009
Somebody who almost never follows through on their word. A true flake will tell you they'll "Totally come" to an event that you put endless effort into organizing up until the day before, and then the day of the said event they're not showing up nor answering your calls or texts. These types of people are the masterminds at taking advantage of your kindness. Their constant flaking out not only succeeds in blatantly using you for your known kindness. No. When you see people flake on you, it makes you feel bad about yourself wondering what you did to make them do something like that. Flaking out subtly says "My time is more important than your time" or, better yet, "Your time don't mean shit to me." Flakes are unneeded negative energy in your life. It is recommended that you keep contact with these selfish pricks to a bare minimum, if at all.
"I have zero tolerance for flakes. Nobody will take advantage of me like that."

"That flake bailed on me at the last minute!"
by BassDude July 19, 2014
A person who agrees to do something but never follows through
Colin hay is the definition of a flake
by Gbsparky February 03, 2013
A flake is a person of weak character. When the going gets tough, they can't handle it and give up. They tend to be the end product of parents that spoiled them rotten. Many upper middle class kids who had parents that gave them cars, toys, nice clothes and did not make them work as teenagers turn out to be useless flakes that have no concept of how to get by in the real world. Flakes tend to let their emotions get the best of them. You can tell right away if a girl is a flake because as soon as she gets dumped by her boyfriend, she is crying and sobbing to her best friends over a cell phone. Flakes are not reliable when it comes to following through on their commitments. They are used to having it easy so when they fail, they break down and blame their weakness on their friends. Flaky parents don't have the balls to discipline their kids so their kids turn out to be useless spoiled brats that couldn't change a flat tire to save their lives and waste their time on facebook, texting and shopping. Although flaky women tend to be very attractive, they are incredibly boring to be with because all they do is watch MTV and follow the latest scandals of Hollywood.
Flakes make me sick. They are sore losers who drift through life like lumps of crap because they can afford it for one reason or the other.
by Cecil-1984crem March 08, 2009
Somebody who bails all the time.
Joey: lets go to habit
Danny: yeah
me: Awesome
Joey: nvm im gay
Me: Joeys a Flake
by macdaddybigblack June 17, 2013
To 'flake' is to come inside/ejaculate in a woman's vagina.
'Did she let you flake'
'Did you flake her last night'

'I hate when she doesn't let you flake'
by Cilly1991 October 12, 2013