Irish slang word for a violent punch or slap.
That bollix was annoying the shit out of me so I hit him a flake.
by bart September 28, 2004
The keyboardist of the German band Rammstein.
Flake dances like a lunatic.
by yoshimi May 11, 2004
when the drug, "pcp" is sprayed onto parsley flakes.
"dem niggas be feenin' these flakes"
by zapzach May 08, 2006
A person who is very ugly. You can use the words extra and mega in front of flake to determine how "flake" someone really is.
Good God Man! Samantha is so flake!
by Mayo headd June 09, 2010
A form of cocaine or soft,often used to describe a good quality.
I aint got none of that stuff ol'dude got, i got some of that "flake"...
by 2-Shay March 17, 2006
An abbreviation for Franklin Lakes, a very wealthy town in northern New Jersey.
Lets go to Flakes and steal a range rover.
by t-norm November 04, 2005
A Latin King, in the eyes of rival gangs.
Hey paisa, did you see them vatos over there on Division and Kedzie throwin up crowns at you?? Naw ese, but I'll let them culeros know that we stone King Killas and I buck at flakes in my hood. Humboldt Park, we made Gangland.
by D FolKKz April 24, 2008

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