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n. An unreliable person; someone who agrees to do something, but never follows through. Someone that you can never count on to eat lunch with or go to a party with.
Jenny is a flake, she told me she'd go to that party with me on Friday, and she found plans with some other girl.
by jdawg051994 September 15, 2010
Someone who says that he/she will hang out with you, but then cancels at the last minute.

Someone that you made plans with, but then that person changes his/her mind when you've been waiting all day.

Someone that you plan on meeting, but then that person doesn't hit you back until the next day, saying "hi" like everything is alright or some s*** like that.
Sarah: Yeah, we can hang out tonight after I get off work at 7 PM. :)

Me: Alright, cool :). Just let me know where you want to meet.

*8 PM*

Me: ?

Sarah: Oh sorry, I've just been so busy today. Can we hang out next time?

Me: No. F*** you b****. Wasting my goddamn time. I hate people that flake. Say something if you can't hang out with me so I can do other s*** and not waste time seeing what's up with you.
by Ihateflakes October 19, 2012
high quality cocaine
hey we going to get some flake for your birthday lad, its well strong but its pricey a hundred quid a gram
by merlin sheets March 15, 2012
A flake is a friend who makes plans and does not attend the date. Or someone you can't rely on.
Ashley was supposed to call me yesterday to make a time for that playdate, but she flaked out, what a flake.
by Roxapebble May 16, 2009
A confusing/disappointing person whom you have misjudged as a reliable, caring friend. She can call and talk for hours about herself but the minute you speak of yourself she has to get off the phone. She asks for favors and, even if you set parameters to which she agrees at first and promises she'll abide by them, she'll use them later to excuse herself from the scheduled activity. She'll pick your brain and take the credit for your originality. She will amplify her competence. She will lie to avoid confrontation and make herself the victim when confronted. In order to quit being disappointed, I never make any plans again with the Flake.
Flake: Would you come over and help me with my riding?
Me: Okay but I will need a ride there and home.
Flake: Sure, no problem.
Me: Okay, see you tomorrow at ten.
Tomorrow at ten comes and goes. She texts me five hours later saying she had to go to the dentist. In the meantime your other friend calls to say she went riding with the Flake during the time the Flake was supposed to be at the dentist.
by christy2011 April 27, 2011
A way to describe just a little bit of snow falling, i.e., you could count the individual flakes.
News anchor: "Are we getting a lot of snow tomorrow?"
Weatherman: "Nope, just a few flakes."
by forteblast January 02, 2011
Flake is kick ass member of the band Rammstein. Pronounced "Flock-eh" not flake as in snow flakes.
He is also known to be a pussy destroyer.
Flake plays the keyboards for Rammstein.
by liveausberlin November 30, 2012