1. A person who leaves situations very quickly, leaving them to be taken care of by roommates and friends..
2. A person who invites friends over, and then leaves them hanging, wondering, "where the fuck did Phong go?"
3. Phong

Hey Peter, guess what?
What's up Aneesh?
Phong flaked out on us again?
Sounds about right. What else is new?
by AJAX1212 September 20, 2006
It's another way to say fuck if you don't want to swear at the time or you are trying to cut down and some bad habits.
instead of...
Dude i was going to fuck that dude.
you say.
Dude i was going to flake that dude.
What the flake are you doing here, i thought you were dead?
by liltinamariezie January 24, 2010
soft, gay, pussy, fagget
steven: look at deez flake ass niggas

other person: fo real they some flake ass bitches
by WAKA FLOCKA FLAMEEE August 15, 2010
Flake town, or Forest Lake, is a stoner town in minnesota where the store taht makes the most money is daisey mase... They ksell bongs and hot dogs.
"I am gonna go to Flake town and get stoned and eat a hot dog"
by Charlie April 23, 2005
Flake is an English slang word refering to a piece of choclate, usually to put on Ice-Cream
"Lets go get some Ice-Cream with a flake"
by A.Sodom. September 22, 2006
1.A greasy Scumbag
1.That guy is a flake, you're too good for him.
2.Why'd you flake on going to the movies with us?
by Izzy January 06, 2003
An self-consciously pretentious, "arty", often new-agey, socially akward type; commonly said with "Arts" (an arts-flake)
Beetljuice: "Delia, you are a flake, you have always been a flake. If you insist on frightening people, do it with your sculpture."

Heathers: (Veronica's Dad, pointing at the TV): "Hey, isn't she that flake we met at the school fair or something?" (talking about the new-agey, overly dramatic English teacher/morale builder)
by ecoyne January 11, 2008

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