Gang colors. Some people say that if more than 50% of your clothing is red or blue, you're "throwin flags"

Most often people won't think you're in a gang unless you're wearing lots of red or blue along with a red or blue durag and hat.
"Niggas wearin flags cause da colors match their clothes/They get caught in the wrong hood and filled up wit holes muthafucka" - 50 Cent
by rsabowski December 04, 2003
A 'Flag' is a proverbial claim made by a male when he has had sexual interactions in a particular way with a female and that female has not had or experienced that particular act/position before with any other male.
Man, that dude is going to struggle to place flags on El, we boned in every way, shape and form possible.

Man, that guy is going to have to stoop to some borderline degenerate actions to claim flags on that girl.

I feel good man, I have totally flagged that girl. short of cumming in her ear while fingering her ass.. he is gonna struggle to lay flags.
by Themanwhoflagged February 15, 2013
to not do / want
alex - wanna go for a walk
mark - nah flag stay here and get baked

i can't be flagged isnsted of can't be fucked
by metaldread September 27, 2010
The bandana one group or gang will wear/rock/display to let others know who they run with.
Stupid kid and friend:Lets go snatch his bandana.
Blood gang member:Dont fuk around wit my flag....touch it and I'll crack u in the mouth!
by F.S June 27, 2005
if your gang bangin it means your bandana.
he grabbed my flag and threw it on the floor SO i cut'em open...i had to do it.
by x November 22, 2003
a Flag, A Stripper who is constantly hanging from a pole, blowing, in or out of the wind.
by RyanValejo December 06, 2011
When you do something wrong/bad and your girl catches you (used among football jocks) someone in conversation can reply by saying thats a (5) (10) or (15) yarder to give the other person a sense of how bad he screwed up
jock1: Emily threw a flag on me

jock2: what happend

jock1: I ditched her at the movies

jock2: Holy crap, dude thats a 15 yarder
by Jock059 January 07, 2010

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