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14 definitions by Alpha

location or current status/activity
what's your 20, fool
by alpha March 20, 2000
Someone who can dodge bullets because they never use the toilet.
He is such a max payne
by alpha November 09, 2003
Lousy, bloated ISP that has lousy outsourced technical support from India. Also subject to busy signals and outages and other problems on dial-up. Earthlink might have once been above AOL and MSN but the quality of their service and support is slipping fast.
After a half-hour on the phone, and survivng the guilt-trip expert who tried to convince me otherwise, I was able to dump Earthlink and switch to a faster local ISP that doesn't outsource it's support to people who don't understand English. I hope they don't keep billing me like they did with other people who cancelled.
by Alpha May 21, 2004
A general term used to describe any as-yet unsuccessful artistic type with tie-dye plumage and a distinctive mating call of REM's 'everybody hurts'.
STROUDIE rocks my world
by Alpha March 26, 2005
"heart to heart"

spill your guts to a friend during a heart to heart conversation

actually the person doesn't even have to be a friend. go have a h2h with some random person on the street.
I called her on the phone and she was bawling. we had a h2h
by alpha January 20, 2000
Term used to describe an absolute gimp. Originates from the name of a complete moron.
"God, look at that decapitt fucker. He's such a Bext."
by Alpha October 09, 2004
An expression used for retarded people to account for retarded situations.
I pooped on your front lawn! Skadaba!
by ALpHA August 29, 2003