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A verb used mostly in the military to describe the act of allowing the muzzle of your weapon to cross paths with friendlies.
"Always practice muzzle awareness. Don't flag your buddy!"
by briles24 April 22, 2006
The strangely important goal of one spartan elite in a CTF match in the FPS game Halo. It can be either the colour red or blue and when picked up can be used somewhat effectively as a large stick to beat on fellow players.
"Its the flag man. You know its the flag, its just the flag!"
by Alpha May 11, 2004
reference to bud lite commercial, a crime against humanity, when a gorgeous girl is seen with a goofy dude
"That's a flag, we got for inappropriately hot girlfriend on that goofy dude right there."
by gun2121 December 16, 2008
kotex slid under bathroom stall to a female friend in need.
"Flag me! I'm second to the right."
by Gabysia July 25, 2006
Friend of
Kelly is a flag.

A fag?

No, a FLAG. A Friend of Lesbians And Gays.
by Fun Dementalist March 12, 2009
(v) To pull another person's pants down.
"Go flag Steven! Let's see if he's wearing silk boxers!"
by PenguinPants November 01, 2004
To hold a constant flame on a pipe filled with marijuana.
That weeds real thick so flag the bowl.
by AndruuuuN September 23, 2006